In A Sentence, What Is HiTech Merchant Services?

CEO: HiTech is a respectful payment service company that strives for excellence of its offers on behalf of its clients and partners.
CFO: HiTech is more than a company; it’s a financial institution built on strong business values and the perfection of the cash flow phenomenon.
VP: HiTech is an advanced, highly efficient credit card processing firm driven by in-depth, all-encompassing industry knowledge and know-how.
Agent: HiTech is a merchant services provider that works with business owners on the personal level to bring simplicity and sophistication to their everyday transactions.

What Led To The Establishment Of HiTech Merchant Services?

CEO: In the late 1980s, I came to realize that the world of commerce was in need of reliable, trustworthy money management services and solutions.
CFO: We looked at the numbers game every merchant and business owner was playing. Too many were failing. We set out to help by teaching businesses a working example.
VP: I joined the company later. But based on our current structure, I’d say that the original vision was one of building better relationships between credit card giants and everyday merchants.
Agent: Who am I to answer such a question, really? But I am here today, and I know the excellence we strive for. So whatever made HiTech come about, I’m happy it did.

How Does HiTech Distinguish Itself In The Marketplace?

CEO: I always encourage my staff to aim high: Reach out to the corporate giants. Fight on behalf of the customer. Offer the latest payment technologies. And always over-deliver on your promises.
CFO: Numbers don’t lie. The team must be doing many things right, because more businesses trust HiTech than any other processor. And that, in turn, invites more happy customers.
VP: No one does what we do better than us. We offer merchants a package that allows their business foundation to sit on solid ground while growing aggressively.
Agent: Customer relations is a big thing. We make them feel like they are the only business owners in the world. They reciprocate by considering us the only merchant service provider in the world.

What Does A Merchant Gain By Signing Up With HiTech?

CEO: They become part of one of the leading business families in the USA and Canada. As we grow, we share our success with every party to our advancement.
CFO: I would say that the largest gain is in the financially sound practices they get to exercise. We offer advice to merchants that saves them from common pitfalls and business hiccups.
VP: Guidance, fiscal strategy and customized solutions, to name a few. Every business needs money to operate. Our customized setup empowers them to not only function but also flourish.
Agent: Even before a merchant signs up with us, they are privy to insight and knowledge we graciously share. And that level of involvement carries through at every junction.

What’s Your Pitch To A Potential HiTech Merchant?

CEO: We have built a company on the success of merchants just like you. After a decade in business, we can offer you the very latest in credit card processing and other merchant services.
CFO: I am hardly the one to be making sales. But, for the record, our sales and advisory team can be one of the sharpest tools in your business arsenal.
VP: Business can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. With HiTech’s advanced offers, you can get your business off the ground quickly, without ever worrying about where your money is.
Agent: Congratulations on your new business! There is so much you should look forward to. We hope working with us is one of them. Because we look forward to working with you.

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